One of the most respected manufacturers of stainless steel products in the world began in 1918 as a family operation making functional items in copper, silver and brass. Founded in Tsubame, Japan, near the northwest coast of Honshu Island and approximately 200 miles from Tokyo, the company quickly was recognized for extremely high quality wares.

Only the best stainless steel is used. Intricate tooling and die work is made to create designs that inspire designers to stretch even further into beauty in form and function. The tines of the forks are carefully polished, the bowls of the spoons are gracefully formed, and the blades of the knives are perfectly sharpened to insure that the result is equal to the best prepared meals. Serving pieces in every pattern are designed to compliment that specific design, not to be “cookie cutter” items to go with everything. Mr. Yamazaki and his family would have it no other way.

Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm 
​Sunday: Closed



1501 Old Highway 63 South, Columbia, MO 65201