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"Juliska" is our ever-present muse. She embodies a fresh take on classic design – timeless European elegance updated with imaginative new interpretations and a healthy dose of modern-day functionality. She represents for us an entertaining and living attitude – timeless, romantic and always effortlessly chic. She is a taste maker often spotted on city streets and cobblestone lanes visiting portrait galleries and covered markets. She adores vintage pieces, modern couture, letterpresses, and Italian ices.JULISKA HERITAGEJuliska’s many creations whether glass, ceramic, metal or otherwise, all have rich European heritage spanning six centuries of European design. Founded in 2001, Juliska began by authentically reproducing antique Bohemian Glass pieces with artisans in the hills outside Prague. Our designs combine exquisite historic themes with imaginative new interpretations, authentically crafted by artisans and technical experts to produce exceptional design, functionality and quality.