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True style exists only when it becomes personal. As an extension of the ELLE brand, ELLE Jewelry Collections are comprised of stylish pieces inspired by today’s fashion trends and are designed to complement all silhouettes. All ELLE Jewelry is sterling silver with a layer of palladium for durability, finished with a layer of rhodium. This double combination promotes shine and durability with hypo-allergenic materials that are resistant to tarnishing.

Elle Jewelry believes style has no price tag: Those who have it make the low look high and the high look cool. We believe a well dressed woman with nothing to say is just a mannequin with DNA. We believe it’s not your personal style if it belongs to your stylist. We believe in fashion and all its glorious paradoxes: smart and superficial; exclusive and inclusive; fun and serious; art and commerce. We believe clothing without accessories is like a party with no cake. We believe in beauty, as both a science and an art. We believe age-appropriate fashion isn’t appropriate at any age. We believe cool is elusive and yet never to be chased. We believe getting dressed should be an adventure, not a chore. We believe in the old guard, the new guard, and the avant-garde.